Chart of starting hands

Chart of starting hands

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Both the professional and the new player need to understand the basics of pre-flop play. Influence of future game behavior depend fom them and your style of play. When during the distribution in front of the eyes are specific cards, as a rule, the poker player forgets about intuition.

In poker, there are players who prefer to play aggressively, and those who prefer a quiet style. As a rule, three main reasons contribute to the aggressive style of the game:

  • strong cards;
  • getting into tilt (psychological stress as a result of losing);
  • overconfidence.

Even if the poker player who stays in the tilt and wins in the draw, continuing to keep his psychological state as unstable, the bankroll will be lost later. At the base of a successful game lies the understanding of the style and fundamentals of the game in the pre-flop stage.

Chart of starting hands

Turning to the definition of this concept, we note that the starting hands chart is understood as the rating of card combinations that allow you to determine the hands that should or should not be played. It is based:

  • on the strength of your card;
  • on the position at the table;
  • on the game of poker players who made the move before you.

Consider examples of the most popular form of poker - Texas Hold'em. Refresh in a memory what positions are in poker - the first three after the big blind are the early position, the next three are the middle position, and the last four, including both blinds, are considered to be late. This example is appropriate for a table with ten players.

Chart and starting hands - profit

For proper preflop play, it is important to use the information available in the table. The starting hand chart helps to optimize the game for each hand. If the poker player behaves incorrectly preflop, will be mistaken, then eventually his chances of success will fall highlly. When you making a call with a bad card, it's stupid to wait on a lucky river, turn or flop.

In poker, there is often such situation: the poker player who bluffed in the presence of weak cards, getting a reraise in response or calling, often loses. Use the materials that are presented in the table of starting hands. Thanks to this information, at the initial stage of the distribution you will be able to avoid knowingly losing combinations. The table helps:

  • minimize risks;
  • behave properly in the game;
  • analyze the situation.

Particularly useful are the printed tables, it is important that they are always in front of you. Some poker players have favorite numbers and in the process of playing they can mistakenly seem them like a strong hand. The starting hand chart contributes to a correct assessment of the situation, you shoul not risk unnecessarily.

The table of starting hands represented here.