Position MP

Position MP

Position MP - the average position, the place of players at the table, which goes immediately after the position of CO. It may include a different number of players depending on the maximum number of pokerists at the table.

How to play from the position of MP

The choice of tactics in poker largely depends on the position occupied by the player. In the middle positions MP the player has a clear advantage over the players at the early UTG positions.

But there are two negative aspects to this position:

  • first, someone can come into the game before;
  • secondly, the chances of the player to be out of position on postflop are reduced.

On the pre-flop with the MP position, the participant can afford to play more starting hands, as more than half of the opponents will see the decisions.

If a limper sits before you, it can be easily isolated. It is advisable to do this only if such an opponent does not have the shortest stack. To lock, enough to raise. If limper plays with a short stack, the player, at the bidding stage, should consider options to completely abandon the continuation of the game or vice versa, to go all-in.

Working with connectors on the MP position

With suited connectors in the position of MR with a multilateral bank, there is little chance of success in the draw. The maximum that can be taken in the future is a low flash draw or a low pair plus a draw.

Different suit connectors should be played from an early position only to those players who have the courage to practice in the inventive game on postflop. When receiving such cards on hand, the participant should ask himself whether he will be able to enter into the game with them, given the tactics of opponents in the blinds.

Drawing of these cards directly depends on the opponents at the table. It would be safer to fold these cards pre-flop than play them, knowing that opponents are confident in the strength of their hands.