The difference between Russian poker and Texas Hold'em

Poker is an intellectual game that requires participants to be able to make complex calculations, predict the outcome of the contest, think through the moves and use the correct tactics. Every beginner can quickly become a professional if they take the time to improve their skills.

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Most often users choose to play Texas Hold'em poker, but recently Russian poker is also gaining popularity.

The difference in the first bet.

Along with Omaha, Texas poker is a game with shared cards, where the confrontation is between the players at the table, and the dealer is not involved.

Russian poker is a subtype of the game in the casino format. It appeared due to the transformation of classical poker. The rules of Russian poker differ from those of Texas Hold'em. Players are not competing with each other, but with the dealer. When playing Russian poker for money, the first bet participants make before the distribution. The dealer also makes the first ante before they has the cards in their hands.

The number of cards in a distribution.

Those sitting at the online Texas Hold'em poker table are dealt two cards at the first hand. In the confrontation between the participants and the croupier, each is dealt five cards at once.

How players act in Russian poker and Texas Hold'em

In the game of Russian poker, the poker player initially has an advantage over the establishment. Dealing the first card to themself, the croupier puts it on the table open, showing it to the player. The player's own combination is permanently closed to the dealer.

The rules of poker, such as Texas Hold'em does not give the player such a variety of actions, as the Russian version. The dealer's opponent can perform the following sequence of actions:

Fold cards. In the case of a pass, the participant gives the bank, which they could have won.

Increase the bet twice. At the same time, the opponent must say "call" to compare the previously collected card combinations.

Buy an extra, sixth card for one ante. This may be necessary when a particular card is missing in order to get a more significant combination.

Completely change the hand that was initially dealt. Each card change costs one ante. Any number of cards may be exchanged.

Cards Showdown.

In Texas Hold'em, card combinations are analyzed after all rounds are completed. In the Russian variety of the discipline participants open after the player performs a "call" action.

The difference in combinations

In Texas poker, it is possible to collect such combinations:

Royal flush - five single-suit cards with a face value from ten to an ace;

Straight flush - a sequence of five cards, such as from eight to a queen of spades;

Four of a kind - a set in which four cards have the same face value;

Full House - three cards of one denomination and a pair of cards of another denomination;

Flush - five one-suit cards of any denomination and in any order;

Straight - a sequence of five alternating denominations of different suits;

Three - three cards of the same face value;

Double Pair - a pair of cards of one rank and a second pair of another rank;

Pair - two cards of the same face value in a five-card sequence;

Senior card - if there is no combination, the highest card of the hand is counted.

The following combinations are collected in Russian poker:

Royal Flush - a combination of five one-suit cards, from a ten to an ace;

Straight Flush - a set of any five single-suit cards in seniority;

Four of a Kind - four cards of the same face value;

Full House - three of the five cards have the same face value;

A Flush - five single-suit cards;

Straight - five denominations in a row by seniority;

Three - three cards of the same rank;

Double Pair - a pair of cards of the same rank and a pair of cards of another rank;

Pair - two cards of the same rank;

Ace and King of any suit.

In case any of the combinations is missing, there is no game.

One of the main features of the Russian variety of the game is the ability to collect double combinations. In this case, both are paid. Double combinations are paid if one of them is higher than the dealer's combination, the second set contains at least one card, which is not included in the first.