The main regulations of the game

Pokerbet presents one variation of the five-card Stud - Americana poker. This kind of poker appeared at the end of the 19th century and until the popularization of Texas Hold'em was one of the most popular card games.

The Americana uses a card deck for 32 cards, from Ace to 7. The maximum number of players is 6. Here ante - the mandatory bet, made before the start of distribution. Unlike the classic ranking, the flush has a higher position than the full-house.

First, each of those sitting behind the board receives a pair of cards - one dealer puts the shirt face up, the second shirt down. After that, players are dealt three more cards. Bring-in - the first mandatory bet, is made by the participant, who has the oldest open card. Then he chooses from two options: either to put a bring-in (doubled ante), or a normal bet (i's size will be higher bring-in if the limit of the bank allows it). In the first case, the face value and suit of the card are compared. After the poker player has made a bet, the remaining participants in the clockwise direction take turns betting the end of the first round of betting.

Rounds of betting

In America there are four stages of bidding. The first round starts after the first pair of cards are dealt. The following circles continue as the subsequent cards are dealt. A bank is divided equally if two or more participants have the same combination.

After the bet on the fifth card was made, the last player making the bet is the first to show the cards. If no bets were made at the last stage of trading, the player with the strongest combination of open cards opens the cards first.

The list below shows the strongest combinations of Americana poker in descending order:

1. Royal-Flush
2. Straight-Flush
3. Quads
4. Flush
5. Full-House
6. Straight
7. Set
8. Two pairs
9. Pair
10. Ace-King (AK)

Pokerbet is one of the few poker-rooms that provides an opportunity to play this interesting variation of poker.