6-Card Omaha

Six-card Omaha is one of the most dynamic card games, in which participants have a minimal advantage over each other. Its difference from other types of Omaha is that players get six cards on hands, and five common cards make a board.

To collect combinations, you must use any two pocket cards and three cards from the board.

Course of the game

The gameplay in PLO6 is identical to the other types of Omaha, such as 4-card or 5-card Omaha. Two players put a small and a big blind (the positions are shifted clockwise in each subsequent hand), all players sitting at the table get 6 pocket cards. The first round of betting at preflop starts. If a player wants to continue to participate in the hand, they must either call the big blind or raise. If not, he or she fold their cards. Trading continues until all players who want to see the flop make equal bets to the bank.

After that, the flop is dealt—three common cards that are available to all players remaining in the hand to form their best combination. Next, there is another round of bidding. The turn is dealt on the board, which is the 4th community card. Players can again raise and call bets.

The last, fifth common card—river—is the final card of the hand, after which players can decide on their final best available combination. The last round of bidding takes place. If there are several active players left in the game, the showdown occurs. The hand is won by the player whose 5-card combination turned out to be the best. If several players have collected equal combinations, the bank is distributed equally between them.

Basic strategy

When playing PLO6, you need to remember that the equity of the battle participants is very close and each of them can buy the best combination on any straight. When choosing your starting hands, try to find the optimal balance using high cards, premium pairs and suit connectors, which have the ability to strengthen at the postflop.

Take advantage of the position. While on button, you will be able to push your opponents and take a lot of small banks still at the preflop. Also, the position will not let you lose a lot of chips without getting to the board.

6-card Omaha is a game for cautious, but at the same time aggressive poker players who are able to shift gears in time and find the smallest weaknesses in the strategy of their opponents.