Cash Drop at Pokerbet: guaranteed profits for all players!

Cash Drop at Pokerbet: guaranteed profits for all players!

Catch generous gifts at the Hold'em, Omaha and Shortdek cash tables

Welcome to a new era of cash drops at Pokerbet!

Starting from April 12, the Cash Drop promotion starts, where Hold'em and Omaha lovers will have an opportunity to win big money just by playing their favourite discipline at the cash tables!

Now, with each hand at the table 0.5% of the pot (up to 10 UAH) will go into the Cash Drop prize pool, which will be played randomly among all users who meet the conditions.

And most importantly - the prize can drop at any time an unlimited number of times! Wow!

What do you have to do? The conditions are as simple as possible!

1. Play 20 or more raked hands during the current session at the table;
2. Not be in a sitout at the time of the draw.

The amount of the prize pool will be divided in proportion to the number of poker players who met all the requirements at the time of the draw. The higher the limit, the larger your prize pool will be!

Limit Multiplier
1/2 UAH х1
2.5/5 UAH x2.5
5/10 UAH х5
10/20 UAH х10
25/50 UAH х25
50/100 UAH х50
100/200 UAH and higher х100

Prize money will be calculated using the formula below:

(Prize pool / (A*1+B*2+C*4+D*10+E*20+F*50+G*100)) * X = player's prize.

X is limit multiplier. A-G is the number of players who completed the requirements on the appropriate limit.

The number of poker players of each limit, who have met the conditions of the promotion, is multiplied by the multiplier, which corresponds to that limit. The total prize pool is divided by this product. The resulting number is then multiplied by the multiplier of the limit on which the promotion was played. This amount will be the final prize that the player will receive in their account!

Play at Hold'em and Omaha tables at Pokerbet and grab guaranteed prizes! Good Luck!

Additional terms and conditions

1. The Cash Drop promotion starts on 12 April 2023.
2. All Hold'em, Omaha and Shortdeck cash tables at limits from 1/2 UAH take part in the promotion.
3. When prize money is distributed, the prize is awarded only once, regardless of the number of tables on which the conditions have been met. I.e. if a player has met the conditions on two tables of the same limit, the prize will be credited only 1 time.
4. If a player completed the conditions on two tables of different limits, the prize will be credited for the game on the higher limit.
5. To claim the prize, one must start or finish the hand at least 2 minutes before the Cash Drop.
6. A hand is considered a rake if a player has put money in the pot and players have reached at least the flop.
7. After the draw, the prize will be instantly credited to the player's account.
8. Winnings do not require wagering.
9. The player who receives the prize will be notified about it at the cash table.
10. The amount of a particular player's prize depends on the limit on which the conditions have been met.
11. Chinese Poker cash tables do not take part in this promotion.
12. To keep track of the amount accumulated in the Cash Drop New Era prize pool, please refer to the "Promotions" section of the game client.
13. Pokerbet has the right to change or end the promotion at any time.